"...I hardly change anything when your work comes back to me. I love it because you actually know how to use tabs and make tables. It amazes me how many translators put spaces all the way across a page to get to the other side. Or set the tabs at different settings when it's supposed to be lined up. Or hit 3-4 spaces before they hit enter to go to the next line. You have no hanging spaces or messed-up tabs or anything...you just make my life easier in general. ...And on top of that, your translations are always beautiful...and your quality is great, too. You do your research...and a lot of people don't."
- Rumiko Lane, Translating Department Manager, Choice Translating, Inc., Charlotte, NC

"Jill quickly established herself as CETRA's lead German to English translator because she is reliable, professional, and pleasant to work with. Her involvement in the translation and interpretation industry is remarkable and we are proud to have her as a part of our team."
- Jiri Stejskal, President & CEO of CETRA Language Solutions (LinkedIn recommendation)

"I will always be grateful to whatever Providence led me to meet you at that meeting. I was desperately in need of help, and you always did great work, adding light and humor to [the] job. I only wish I were still able to send you work -- you have no idea how rare a commodity your combination of translation, business and personal skills are!!!"
- former Manager of Language Services, Translator and Editor, Antiquariat Literary Services, Marshall, VA

"I worked with Jill for many years and she was always my number 1 favorite translator for German into English translations. The quality of her translation work is excellent. She is always reliable, helpful (even when she is not able to help you with a translation, she will never let you go empty-handed) and a great person to work with. She is very professional, cooperative and extremely competent. Few translators have her level of expertise and commitment to the translation business. I always felt blessed to have her as part of a translation team."
- Jose Antonio Arista, CT, former Project Manager at Choice Translating (LinkedIn recommendation)

"Thanks for a great job on this document. It was a difficult text, and your translation was accurate and well researched. I think that it is almost impossible for the translator to achieve the level of language that this client requires without extensive style editing, and I felt that this one would also benefit from the trained eyes of a native German."
- Courtney Searls-Ridge, Executive Director, German Language Services, Seattle, Washington

And the message from the client to GLS:
"Thanks a lot - pretty good job! (I especially liked replacing the symbol of German couch potatoes - potato chips - by the American equivalent - popcorn...). At last returned from the Berlin International Film Festival, I send you the final version after I worked through it and made some minor changes. I thought this may be useful for your colleague who did the translation (and apparently some film research, too)."

"Thanks, Jill! It's funny - after your and [the editor's] comments I really dreaded having to work on the translation [a complex, term-dense medical report] and I pushed it around my desk as long as possible but then I actually enjoyed reading it. The simplicity and conciseness of the English language is really quite beautiful compared to the heavy German. Of course that's easy for me to say - I'm sure "simplicity" is deceptive here! You did a great job with this translation."
- Tanja August, Translation Project Manager, Interpretation & Translation Services, Tennessee Foreign Language Institute, Nashville, Tennessee

"Regarding Jill Sommer: she did a very good job on this one! I had forgotten that she was around as one of our more "reliable" translators. She formulates things correctly and pays attention to form, terminology, and context." - Proofreader feedback, EVS Translation

"Jill Sommer has a terrific reputation in the industry for doing high quality work as a translator. She's always one of my first choices (depending on the topic) when I'm looking for a German to English translator. She's also an incredibly dedicated, well organized manager and instructor. If she agrees to do a job, expect it to come in on time and to specification. If you are looking for a collaborator on a big job, expect her to be a reliable and dedicated colleague"
- Sue Ellen Wright, Professor, Kent State University (LinkedIn recommendation)

"I really appreciate how fast/flexible/perfect the translations are, and I can keep my head free for other stuff!! I am glad we have e-mail to communicate quickly, and the time difference is really great - you are still working while I sleep."
- Mike Jansen, independent consultant, Bonn, Germany

"Ms. Sommer quickly produced an excellent translation of a complex series of medical texts related to the treatment of drug addiction, which required an extensive knowledge of medicine and pharmacy and the relevant terminology. Ms. Sommer was able to utilize her extensive Internet experience to perform the necessary research for the project. In addition, I later entrusted Ms. Sommer with several documents concerning anti-doping rules and arbitration procedures for a major German Athletics' Association. On this occasion too, she proved herself to be an accurate and thorough translator who was able to master areas previously unfamiliar to her in a short space of time."
- Dr. jur. Donna Goessler, LL.M., Solicitor, Übersetzungen Recht und Wirtschaft (BDÜ), Königswinter, Germany

"Einige unserer Kunden verlassen sich seit Jahren auf das Know-how von Jill Sommer. Sie ist teamfähig, absolut zuverlässig, freundlich, belastbar und verfügt über eine exzellente Allgemeinbildung. Diese und viele weitere Ihrer Fähigkeiten kommen ihr bei der Aufgabe als Internet-Rechercherin und Übersetzerin zugute."
- Marc C. Schmidt, Geschäftsführer, Online Information Services, Sankt Augustin, Germany

"Jill Sommer lernte ich im Jahr 1995 als Praktikantin bei der Firma Translingua Übersetzungsdienst GmbH kennen. Sie war damals schon ausgebildete Übersetzerin und lernte sehr schnell den Umgang mit MAT Software. Jill übersetzte auch selber Texte aus diversen Themenbereichen. Seit 1999 arbeitet sie für meine Firma Transdoku GmbH als freiberufliche Übersetzerin. Ihre Übersetzungen sind stets von höchster Qualität und werden immer im verabredeten Zeitrahmen zurückgesandt. Es war und ist immer wieder ein großes Vergnügen mit Jill zu arbeiten."
- Olaf Kruse, Geschäftsführer, Transdoku GmbH, Troisdorf, Germany