Translation Services

  • Translations from German to English
  • Editing and proofreading services (English only)
  • General language and cultural consulting
  • Internet research
  • Linguistic review and testing (CD-ROM games, web applications)
  • Computer troubleshooting

My areas of specialization are medicine and pharmaceuticals, computer software and hardware, the Internet and IT (my knowledge of HTML makes me an ideal translator for Web sites), software localization, genetic engineering, general business and advertising. I also have experience and a special interest in travel and tourism, entertainment, health and nutrition (especially food allergies), biotechnology, politics, environmental issues, religion.

I have built up a rather large customer base and have worked with some of my customers for years. I also volunteer my time as a translator for the (no longer existing) German News, an electronic listserver.

I can review documents for correct usage, grammar, spelling, consistency, format, etc. and provide a marked hard copy or revised electronic copy and comment sheet. My editorial experience includes:

  • Specialized articles by doctors and psychotherapists for publication in medical journals
  • Translations into English by native and non-native speakers of English
  • Theses, dissertations, and scholarly papers for publication
  • Business writing by native and non-native speakers of English
  • Newsletters and brochures
  • A book on milk and other food allergies

I worked as a professional Internet researcher for Online Information Services from 1997-2002. I often read the newsgroups for work and for leisure and am familiar with most search engines. My knowledge of German and English have been a big asset, since I can search for both English and German articles and web sites.

Customer-specific Internet research on a large variety of topics is the focus of my skills. Using a wider variety of search engines offers a larger range of "hits" and increases your chances of my finding the information you are looking for. If you are interested in seeing how your company is viewed by the Internet community, postings in the newsgroups is the best way to determine how the individual feels about your actions. Newsgroups are also a very rich resource when you are looking for an answer to a software question, are wondering how your product compares with that of a competitor, and anything else you desire.